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Daily Exposure

Birthday Fail Girl Gets Knocked Out Cold

Happy Birthday, here have a concussion! Didn’t seem to bother the kid on the right, he just continues to eat cake off his creepy prosthetic hand.

Everyday Stunner

Sebastien Tellier | Look

The best description I can give for SĂ©bastien Tellier’s clip “Look” is hypnotic and when girls fart diamonds everybody wins!

Today’s GIF

drift 180sx

Paper Airplane distance new World Record

I just think it’s funny the guy has pilot written on his shirt. What do you do? “Ah I’m a paper plane pilot”

Daily Exposure

Nike+ FuelBand | Day in the Life feat P-Rod

Sweet little ad from Casey Neistat for the Nike+ FuelBand featuring Hope Solo, Ndamukong Suh and Paul Rodriguez doing work.

Everyday Stunner | Connie Kreski

Shawn Stussy at his Studio

The always inspirational Shawn Stussy spent a day with film maker Seth Epstein getting back to basics at his awesome S/Double Studio. I love these kind of edits that give you a look into the lives of rad individuals getting creative doing what they do.