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D At Sea and Catfish Billy

Hey crew, the blog will be a little light on content over the weekend. In Sydney taking in a D At Sea show this afternoon and then checking out YelaWolf tomorrow. So much love for you guys for following us and getting behind all our nonsense. pce. x

Daily Exposure

Everyday Stunner | Dannie Riel

Sand Flea Jumping Robot

Boston Dynamics are responsible for creating all kinds of crazy looking robots like a man, a dog and even a Cheetah capable of galloping 18mph. Their latest project is a RC style car capable of launching itself 30 feet into the air as a means of clearing obstacles, developed for the US Army to be used on reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

Tattoo of the day

Ron Burgundy Announces Anchorman Sequel

It’s a happy happy day as Ron Burgundy, San Diego’s favorite Anchorman, swings by CONAN to brush up on his flute and make a little announcement. They’re officially making a sequel to Anchorman!

Today’s GIF

adam west gif

Daily Exposure

Everyday Stunner | Danica Thrall

People are amazing 2012

Who doesn’t like seeing people who are successful at what they do. Anything that inspires you to be better has got to be a good thing yeah.