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Just another fail compilation, but it’s a good one

Still can’t decide whether the photo above is a win or a fail? Whatever it is it’s pretty impressive.

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Daily Exposure

Everyday Stunner | Charlotte Atkinson

Worlds best goal celebrations with FX

If only all goal celebrations were this entertaining I would probably watch more sports. Crack out the props and choreographed routines I say.

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Paintball Warfare | Epic Paintball Battle

Devin Graham and the crew are back, this time for one hell of a paintball battle. As always it’s a brilliant clip.

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Daily Exposure

Epic Dirtbike Fail Compilation 2012

Doing sketchy things is all just a part of riding dirtbikes so it’s not really a matter of if you are coming off but when so with that in mind it’s probably a good idea to keep a camera handy while riding so that way when the inevitable stack happens your friends can play it back and laugh at what a rooted human you are.