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Daily Exposure

UNREAL - Candy Unjunked & Re-Invented

With a long list of celebrity investors it’s safe to say you will be seeing a lot more of Unreal Candy. Taking your favorite candy bar and replacing things like corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives with real sugar, real milk, more peanuts and twice the cocoa.

Pretty girls make the world go ’round (Vol 16)

Seth Macfarlane messes up presenting at Emmys

Seth Macfarlane had a little mic trouble while presenting at the 2012 Emmy Awards but handles it like a boss.

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Daily Exposure

The Hunger Games - A Bad Lip Reading

Get ready to laugh out loud because “Bad Lip Reading” have done it again. Shit’s hilarious!

Tattoo of the day

Jed Anderson “In Full” | Official Video

“In Full” is Jed Anderson’s footage from the 2011-12 season. Jed is the world’s most innovative rail rider. He approaches the streets from a unique perspective with modesty, effortless power, and a skate influenced style.

Pretty girls make the world go ’round (Vol 15)