Tandem Of Die

Shot by Justin Shreeve & Joe Ayala


    The other day we mentioned that Ken Block was primed to drop another epic video and here it is.
    Gymkhana Four The Hollywood Megamercial really takes things up a notch.

    With Universal Studio’s California at his disposal a world class production was imminent and Ken Block has delivered the goods once more.

      Ken Block’s Gymkhana World Tour

      With Ken Block’s Gymhkana 4 planning to come out on August 16th we thought we would get ready for it with a clip of his Gymkhana World Tour which is due to hit Melbourne, September 3rd.

        The BMW 1 Series M Coupe Ad Campaign

        The latest in a series of viral videos for BMW’s 1 Series M Coupe featuring some creative driving to say the least. Nothing like a drift session atop the world’s tallest helipad (1,018ft) to gain some attention and it seems to have worked.

        Fake or not they are some pretty impressive ad’s. To see the first in the series hit the jump. (more…)

          Lamborghini Aventador In The Making

          Lamborghini recently released a behind the scenes look into the making of its 2012 Aventador LP700-4. This video goes up close and personal with several aspects of the car’s manufacturing including the digital blueprints, carbon fiber selection and stitching and debossing of the famed bull.

          Just incase you missed the epic clip for the release of the Aventador which can only be described as car porn don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

            Tanner Foust Team Hot Wheels Record Jump

            I know this clip has been floating around for a few weeks now but I thought I would still post it up for anyone that missed it. It’s Tanner Foust attempting the world record for distance in a four wheeled vehicle on a giant hot wheels ramp jumping a massive 332ft (101m).

            Also while practicing for the world record attempt Tanner had a very close call with one of his landings. It’s amazing to see how well these cars handle in these situations, check it out.

              Isle of Man TT World Record Lap

              Every year when I watch the Isle of Man TT it makes me super anxious, because you just know that if one little thing goes wrong it’s game over.
              Here we have rally driver Mark Higgins pushing his 2011 Subaru WRX STI to the limit around the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course acheiving a record time of 19-minutes and 37-seconds and an average speed of 115mph.

              Make sure you watch the end of this clip where Mark discusses his 150mph close call with a journalist in the passenger seat. Pretty damn sure that lucky journalist had some breaking news in his pants after that little encounter.

              More TT after the jump (more…)