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Daily Exposure

    Estevan Oriol x Freestyle Rides | Sydney Tour Part 1

    Recently Estevan Oriol graced our shores for a busy six days of photo shoots, tour parties and a special guest appearance at the Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo signing limited edition photo prints. Freestyle Rides were his host for the tour and have put together a behind the scenes look at the famous photographer at work.

      Tempest Freerunning Academy

      Tempest Freerunning Academy recently opened its doors and has released this clip show casing some of the obstacles that can be found there. Some awesome stunts and a buttery smooth edit, what more could you want?

        Daily Exposure

          Today’s GIF

            Hand Screening Skate Decks

            Screen printing is a whole lot of fun and not that hard to setup and do yourself. But to really do it well takes talent something which Lovenskate seem to have bucket loads. Lovenskate have chosen to turn their back on the more conventional approach of using heat transfers on their boards and instead opt to screen print them. For more info check out their site found here.

              Daily Exposure

                Straw Dogs Trailer

                The last time I saw actress Kate Bosworth play a role it was the girlfriend of porn star John Holmes in Wonderland a really awesome flick. Now Kate’s back in a remake of the controversial 1971 film Straw Dogs, looks like it could be one to watch.

                  Daily Exposure

                    Krew and Shake Junt Smash N Grab Tour Part 1

                    The Kr3w and Shake Junt kids are currently on their Smash N Grab Canada Tour which takes them through New Brunswick, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Part one featuring Eric Ellington, Lizard King, Beagle and more. Part two coming soon.