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Happy New Years | 2ND2NADA

We would just like to thank everybody who supported 2nd2nada in 2011. We definitely couldn’t have done it without all the crew that got behind us. Big things coming in 2012 and I’m glad you guys are along for the ride. So much love, have fun tonight and we’ll catch you all in the new year. x

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        Flower Warfare | The Beginning

        I guess the good thing to be said about this is that the flowers for the funerals are already taken care of, win!

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            Charles Bergquist | High Speed Reel 2011

            If there’s one thing you have learned from this blog it’s that everything is better in slow motion. Take a look at what Charles Bergquist has been up to with the Olympus iSpeed 3 High Speed Camera.

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                Your Bag’s Airport Journey

                Every wonder what happens to your bag once it passes through the rubber flaps of death at the airport? Watch and learn.

                  Everyday Stunner | Anna Christine Speckhart

                    Droplet Collisions at 5000fps | The Slow Mo Guys

                    In the slowest slow mo video yet, Gav shows us the classic colliding droplets shot in liquid. Using a mixture of coloured water and milk shot at 5000 frames per second (200 times slower than real-time).