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Daily Exposure

    Shaun White Wins Fifth Straight Superpipe With A Perfect Score Of 100

    There’s absolutely no doubting that Shaun White is the best there is and his outstanding performance at 2012 X Games in Superpipe further cemented this with a world first perfect score.

    It went a little something like this, backside air, frontside double cork 1080, cab double cork 1080, frontside stalefish 540, double mctwist 1260, finished off with his newest trick a frontside double cork 1260. Dope!

      Everyday Stunner | Rhian Sugden

        THePETEBOX Covers Kids By MGMT

        Checkout British Musician and Beatboxer THePETEBOX performing an amazing cover of MGMT’s classic Kids. The track is all recorded live in one take, there are no pre-recorded sounds or anything added post recording… it’s all live!

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            Cute Girls Unique Talent Is Talking Backwards

            Cute girls with amazing talents seem to be popping up everywhere lately. Today’s is Alyssa and her talent is taking any word you throw at her and pronouncing it backwards instantly, yep pretty awesome!

              Daily Exposure

                Shit Pro Skaters Say | Crailtap

                So I have abstained from posting any “Shit Peeps Say” videos for the last couple of weeks but I have made an exception today for Crailtaps “Shit Pro Skaters Say”. Featuring Chris Roberts, Written by Alex Olson, Ben Colen, Sam Smyth, Rick Howard, Aaron Meza & Chris Roberts.

                  Everyday Stunner | Rosie Tupper

                    Homemade Bungee Jumping | Mike Wilson

                    Mike Wilson is hands down one of the raddest humans you are ever likely to see and his vids are among some of my favorite we’ve ever posted.

                    If for some reason you missed the last three times we featured him hit the search bar if not check out his latest adventure, homemade bungee!